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Volume 01 No. 04 Issue No. 04
Reconfigurable Magneto-hydro-dynamic Antenna by Rajveer Singh Yaduvanshi, Shailender Kumar
Mathematical Modeling to Enhance Security Feature for Password Authentication using MATLAB by Varun Kumar; Manu Pratap Singh; M. K. Gupta
Adaptive and Intelligent Security Paradigm for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks by Suman, Sukhdip, Parvinder Singh, R. B. Patel
An Analysis of Network Congestion for a mischievous Receiver node by Meenakshi Kaushik; Ashish Chaturvedi & Kavita Saxe
A Comparative Study of Traditional Protocols with Advanced Cache Coherence Protocols by Manoj Kumar; Shailender Kumar
Neuro-fuzzy Controller for handling network Congestion control by Munish Kumar
A Research Survey on various Facial Feature Extraction Techniques in High Dimensional Spaces by Mohan Agarwal
Review Research for Different OCRs of various Indian script characters by Arun Kumar; Ashish Chaturvedi
An Experiment to identify facial images using neural networks by Vijay Pathak
Analysis of Security Issues in Web Applications through Penetration Testing by Shailender Kumar; Nanhay Singh; Ram Shringar Raw